Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review: Senate

I had a “foodie” friend visit from San Francisco this weekend. He had never been to Cincinnati before, and being from a city that is known for great food, I felt that I had to show him that Cincinnati has a blossoming culinary scene beyond the famous ribs and ice cream. I thought about taking him to some of my go-to places (Cumin, Slims, Boca, Wild Ginger, Lavomatic) that have rarely disappointed me, but instead, I took a risk, and went to Senate.

I am so glad I did. Even though they opened just weeks ago, they definitely had their act together. Their menu seemed similar to Lavomatic –focusing on comfort and street food with a gourmet flair. This is a trend I started seeing in the major cities a few years ago. What I like about Senate and Lavomatic, however, is that they seem more down to earth than their big city counterparts with less pretentious offerings and reasonable prices.

I had the lobster Mac and Cheese, a Cincinnati Frank, and Duck Fat Fries. The Cincinnati Frank was so good, it puts a Skyline coney to shame. I chose it in order to warm him up to the Cincinnati chili I will force him to try while he is visiting. The Mac and Cheese was good, although not as “lobstery” as I thought it would be, and the duck fat fries were as good as they sound. My friends fish was excellent as well. I will give the food at Senate a big Fee Fi Fo..Yum!!!

It is located in an up and coming area with probably the coolest vibe in the city– the gateway corridor. The decor and atmosphere is modern, simple and warm. All in all it was a great experience, and I will be going back soon to try their other entrées.

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